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What Is Debt Settlement?

Debt Settlement may be used to describe one of several solutions designed to eliminate your unsecured debts through renegotiation or a legal process such as a consumer proposal or bankruptcy. There are a variety of informal settlement options including trying to negotiate directly with your creditors or having a debt counsellor propose a new repayment plan. As Licensed Insolvency Trustees we are the only professionals in Canada that are able to administer formal debt settlement solutions through the Bankruptcy and Insolvency Act. Filing for bankruptcy and filing a consumer proposal are the two formal options that are regulated by the federal government. 

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Debt Settlement in Edmonton and Northern Alberta

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Goth & Company Ltd. LIT
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It was a great pleasure using the services,Goth & Company Ltd., they have helped me settled my debt, every step they have guide me through. I didn't imagine myself paying for the bad loans I have had thru the years. They have provided me with debt consultations and formal debt settlement solutions, they gave me time to understand what I am dealing with before presenting me options on how to consolidate and reduce my debts.Thank you very much..
amélie L.
It really is a shame/tragedy what the governments of Canada/Alberta have done public policy wise to crush the individual economies of its citizens, however, I am grateful for the services of Goth & Company in these trying times for helping me address the situation professionally and accountably. Thank you for your help. Highly recommend this business in the Edmonton area and Northern Alberta.
Chris C.
I had no trouble feeling taken care of even from the first phone conversation I had with a Goth trustee. They spent time outlining all of my options and determining which would be best for me. Every query received a thorough response. I had a great experience with Goth and company, and I wholeheartedly endorse them. Do not hesitate to call them.
Amelia N.
Going through with Goth $ Company has been one of the best decisions I’ve made. I felt so overwhelmed with my debt and felt like it was gonna be forever to be able to get it under control.. but now I have a goal in place and I can finally have some peace of mind! I couldn’t have asked for better people. I highly recommend Goth and thank you so much to the individuals I dealt with.
Tetiana O.
I filed a consumer proposal with Goth and Comp. and love that I was treated with respect and courtesy despite feeling embarrassed about my financial situation.The process is straight forward and after discussing my options, I was able to make a decision to go with a proposal to help with my debt.Signing is incredibly convenient and I was able to book my apt over zoom meetings.I appreciate the professionalism and knowledge of Goth and Company associates. Would highly recommend them.
I felt they really understood where I came from. Goth & Company Ltd are helping me achieve my financial goals by educating me on budgeting and warning me of the pitfalls that cause so many financial problems for the individual. I never felt judged by them even though it was very humbling to have to come to them in the first place. And bonus, I could do my courses over the phone as I live 5 hours away. I highly recommend!
Shannon F.
So far, so good explained everything haven’t had meeting of creditors yet . But they were fast and efficient in getting all the forms finished and explaining how it will work . I was also in the middle of moving and David was great at being able to contact me later that day when I didn’t budget enough time for the appointment .
Tiffany V.
My trustee at Goth & Company went through all my debt relief options with me and told me the pros and cons of all of them including how much, based on my income, each option would cost me each month. They got my debt down from $58000 down to $12000, to be paid monthly over a 5 year period. So much pressure was taken off my shoulders. I highly recommend this company.
Judy F.
I want to thank Bart and Kelly for aiding me in resolving my financial problems. They were understanding and very professional in guiding me through the various options available to relieve me of my financial burden. I thank you so much, that now I can go forward in life knowing that, with your guidance, I did everything possible and within my ability to satisfy my creditors.Thanks again.
John B.
Jim and Bart of Goth and Company are the best! Professional, educated and compassionate in all their dealings. I have met them a number of times professionally and have the utmost respect for them and the work they do. I would never hesitate in recommending them to anyone looking for help with their debts.
Gerri N.
As a fellow Trustee, I can attest that Goth and Company is widely viewed as a leading firm in the personal insolvency market. I have known Barton Goth for several years and have collaborated with him on numerous matters. Barton has personally worked with me in helping individuals to complete their debt restructuring proceedings and successfully achieve a fresh start.
Blair M.
From time to time our firm needs to refer individuals to a Trustee in Bankruptcy in the Edmonton area and Goth & Company has been an excellent choice. A friendly voice answering the phone, combined with knowledgeable staff making themselves available to answer questions and schedule appointments leads to a great experience. We have always found their technical knowledge to be excellent and the feedback received from previous referrals is always positive. Thanks for your help Goth & Company.
Scott M.
I have been dealing with Barton Goth for over some time now and know him and his staff to be professional and experienced with insolvency issues. Their personal approach and commitment to providing one on one service is a credit to the Trustee community. Be it either a consumer proposal or a personal bankruptcy, I have no hesitation in recommending Baron and his team.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Below are commonly asked questions about bankruptcy in Edmonton and in Alberta.

Who is Eligible to File for Bankruptcy in Edmonton/Alberta?

In Edmonton and Alberta, to be eligible to file for bankruptcy, you must:

  • Owe at least $1,000; and
  • Not be able to make your regular payments as they become due; or
  • Not be able to pay all of your debts if all your non-exempt property was sold.

How Much Does it Cost to File for Bankruptcy in Edmonton/Alberta?

There is a cost to file a bankruptcy that is regulated by the Federal Government. The cost is dependent on the following factors: Income, Family Size, and Assets you own.

For more information on the cost, you are best to contact Goth & Company Inc. directly and we can explain how the cost is determined in much greater detail.

Does the Filing of Bankruptcy Clear Me From All of My Debts?

While filing for bankruptcy will clear you from most of your debts, are a few exceptions. These exceptions include:

  • Secured creditors (eg. mortgage or car loan)
  • Court fines and penalties (including traffic violations)
  • Debts obtained by fraud or misrepresentation
  • Civil lawsuits involving intentional bodily harm, sexual assault or wrongful death
  • Student loans, if you have taken any classes in the 7 years prior to filing

Can My Creditors Continue to Harass me After I File for Bankruptcy?

No, upon the filing of a bankruptcy there is an automatic stay of proceedings. This is a legal procedure that revokes any of your unsecured creditors’ collection rights. If they call you, don’t panic. Just explain that a bankruptcy has been filed, and give them our name and phone number.