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Over 140,000 Canadians per year use government programs to eliminate their debt. We can help you:

Stop interest from accumulating.

Reduce your debts to one monthly payment.

Put an end to collection calls.

What is the total amount of your debt?

Get out of debt and back on track! We are here to help.

Dealing with debt may seem overwhelming, but it becomes much easier once you take the first step to find out what options are available.


Provide some basic information

Answer a few questions to help us understand what you are dealing with.


Speak with a debt specialist

Review all of the available options with an experienced professional.


Choose an option

Pick the solution that works best for you and decide when you are ready to move forward.

Options you can trust.

There are plenty of organizations with solutions that promise to help with debt. Unfortunately, not all debt solutions are equal. It is important for you to understand all of the options that are available before committing to a particular path. We take a personal approach to make sure we understand what you are going through and what your hopes and plans are for the future. We will review all of your options and make sure you understand how they will impact you. When you are comfortable, you choose the path that makes the most sense.

CRA Debt Forgiveness

There are not many options for dealing with income tax debt in Canada. A consumer proposal, filed by a Licensed Insolvency Trustee, can forgive a large part of what is owed and give you up to five years to pay the remainder.

What is a Consumer Proposal?

Not only does a consumer proposal forgive a large part of your debts… it also stops interest from accumulating, stops collection agencies from calling, protects your wages and protects you from any legal actions taken by your creditors.

Taking the first step is like a breath of fresh air.

Each month, thousands of Canadians begin their journey towards debt freedom. The initial meeting with a Licensed Insolvency Trustee is often described as a breath of fresh air. Knowing that you have options makes a world of difference.

Everyone at Goth & Company is very knowledgeable and professional. This makes what is normally a difficult time far easier to navigate.

– Jeff W.
In 2006, I had the opportunity to use Goth & Company. I dealt with Mr. Goth, & his Son. Both of them were so kind, so friendly, & so pleasant to deal with during such a stressful period. They answered all of my questions that I had about filing for my first personal bankruptcy to the best of their ability. Now in 2023 I've had to use their services again. Still Barton is as kind & as friendly as he was seventeen years ago. All the staff that I've meet & that I've deal with have been so friendly & so knowledgeable to deal with. The best thing that anyone can do for themselves is to see Goth & Company as soon as possible to take all the pressure & the frustration off from trying to deal with their debt themselves. I'm so glad that I made the right decision for myself to have used Goth & Company, & I wouldn't hesitate not to use them again if I had to!
Tom P.
14:08 04 Sep 23
Been helpful and committed
K D.
05:11 22 Aug 23
I have had nothing but good experiences with Goth & Company Ltd. Very friendly, helpful and knowledgeable. I highly recommend them for all your insolvency needs!
Danielle C.
02:50 22 Aug 23
Found Goth & Company on the Industry Canada list of Licenced Insolvency Attorneys. Very informative and attentive from the first phone call. A big shout out to LM who handles cases before filing. She responded to e-mails in real time!!! That was new.They are very clear about their role. They are experienced and it shows in their feedback.Please take the budgeting classes that they offer. I know they are mandatory and yet the staff truly take them seriously. There was no judgement on Paula's part. She guided me and for once I felt less guilt and on the cusp of being in control. I keep receipts, I have opened a HISA account. I am slowly putting away my nest egg.I would highly recommend them to anyone in Canada. Honest, transparent and hardworking is how I would describe Goth and Company.My CP was approved this week, on original terms to boot!!!💃🏾
nnm B.
03:54 19 Aug 23
Good and professionally dealing with me and my brothers Consumer’s proposal.They are knowledgeable and very Pofessional.David explained every detail of what we need to know.Great great 👍
linda N.
19:35 18 Aug 23
I experienced professional service that is second to none. I highly recommend Goth & Company.
Ivan B.
13:08 18 Aug 23
Thanks a lot for helping me during my financial difficulties.. I hope you helping more people like me.. 👍👍
Mae G.
22:34 16 Aug 23
Goth & company Ltd are a company very professional people, they helped me with my financial commitment and gave me the peace of mind I needed to face my financial situation.
Gabriela M.
22:27 16 Aug 23
The people are easy to talk to and answer all questions.
Marty L.
19:02 16 Aug 23
Professional guidance. Very knowledgeable. Explain everything clearly and easy to understand. Great work team.
Tenny N.
18:37 16 Aug 23
Everyone is very Helpful and above and beyond to be able to help. They will do everything to be able to help. They will explain everything fully. They are great people.
Julie A.
15:52 16 Aug 23
Very knowledgeable looking to help!! Glad I found them
Ryan T.
15:11 16 Aug 23
Goth is professional company that takes the burden and the stigma of financial hardship to a place of dignity and recovery.
angela W.
15:03 16 Aug 23
I have found Goth & company Ltd. with some research online. Try to find people who you need to trust and depend on is very hard decision. It s been 2 months and I m very happy with my decision. People works at goth & company are very professional and caring people. If you ask a question or need some information they get back to you very quickly. They can even do everything online without going to the office if you are out of country or some other reason that you can't go to the office. Overall I m very happy with my decision and I recommend them to everyone.
Nurhak P.
15:02 16 Aug 23
explained the entire process very professional.
Katy H.
14:49 16 Aug 23
Very professional and made me feel very comfortable and at ease for my consumer proposal. I was very nervous at first, but the staff made everything so easy for me, and there was no judgment at all! Definitely recommend this place!
Leah M.
19:25 11 Jul 23
I would like to thank Goth and company for helping me during this really difficult time in my life. They were very supportive and kind when it can to dealing with sensitive issues. I would not be were I am now in life it was not for them.Thank you
krista M.
19:34 06 Jul 23
They help me in my consumer proposal. They explain to me thoroughly the process, very understanding to my needs and very professional.
Chelle E.
17:42 06 Jul 23
I recently dealt with Goth and Company. I find them helpful, understanding and most of all, not judgmental. They were quick to deal with my situation and put my mind at ease. I would recommend them to anyone.
Monica P.
22:27 04 Jul 23
I was super nervous to even think or find out about bankruptcy but Goth & Company made it such an easy an stress free process . Friendly staff but the process less stressful , they are always there if you have questions ! Recommended them forsure if you need to take this step in life
Charley S.
21:44 04 Jul 23
They are extremely easy going and super experienced in their field. The amount of help I’ve received along the way has been incredible. Devin has made the process of getting my financials back on track so easy and I can’t thank him enough.
Taylyn E.
19:09 04 Jul 23
excellent experience I had with the staff at Goth & company. The staff I dealt with were not only professional, but they were human beings who understood. They were kind and unbelievably helpful and walked me through the steps one by one, stopping when I needed help. Bankruptcy is a difficult thing to go through and to talk about but they made it easy by breaking tasks into steps and by following along as required. At no point in the process did I feel judged or humiliated. I would HIGHLY recommend this company for all your legal requirements
17:09 04 Jul 23
The team was real helpful and understanding! Overall great service to get my proposal on the go!
Kyle S.
16:24 04 Jul 23
I filed a consumer proposal at the end of May with Goth & Company Ltd’s help. I was pleasantly surprised at the trustee’s manner during the appointment. Filing a bankruptcy, etc. is kind of nerve wracking and I think my husband and I were expecting to be “dragged through the mud” with questions as to why we couldn’t/didn’t do more to pay our debt (we did a lot! Lol) but it wasn’t like that at all. Our service person was super personable, humorous, understanding, and very clear as we went through the process. Thank you!
Megan K.
16:05 04 Jul 23
Amazing company! David was great! They are very compassionate and understanding to my situation. He made it very easy and fast for me to go through everything. I would recommend Goth & Company to everyone who needs it. Thank you for changing my life I am so grateful 🙂
Karin B.
15:44 04 Jul 23
This company help me a lot I feel secured and important, now I can sleep peacefully thank you so much for your help
15:20 04 Jul 23
Extremely happy with my experience gathering information to make a decision using their services, with the help of Heather, Paula, and Linet, I will be able to get a fresh start! Definitely will recommend!
Natasha W.
20:59 21 Jun 23
I was very nervous in the beginning that this opportunity was too good to be true. My representative Dino walked me through everything and made sure I understood the process. He is the reason I moved forward as he was confident and reassuring that this was the right step. I’m very excited to be able to start paying off my debt and be able to move forward positively regarding my finances.
Melissa W.
03:44 09 Jun 23
WOW! What an excellent experience I had with the staff at Goth & company. The staff I dealt with were not only professional, but they were human beings who understood. They were kind and unbelievably helpful and walked me through the steps one by one, stopping when I needed help. Bankruptcy is a difficult thing to go through and to talk about but they made it easy by breaking tasks into steps and by following along as required. At no point in the process did I feel judged or humiliated. I would HIGHLY recommend this company for all your legal requirements
Cathy W.
10:40 08 Jun 23
Got some great advice on debt management. Highly recommend this company.
crystal M.
21:34 07 Jun 23
My experience absolutely amazing they're very helpful,friendly and easy to talk to and I am very thankful that they helped me.They very amazing Company and luckily to found them.Specially Barton Thank you so much
Maria O.
21:24 07 Jun 23
Very friendly helpful , explained things well, was a pleasant experience
michelle H.
03:40 07 Jun 23
This company has been by my side through my financial difficulty. I felt supported and I am still going through some processes and I still feel supported.
Ashley P.
02:10 07 Jun 23
Very helpful..excellent service…all questions answered quickly recommended highly Spilman’s
Marianne S.
00:59 07 Jun 23
Jenny V.
23:58 06 Jun 23
Mr. Barton Goth explained well my options and what to expect with what I am dealing with my financial situation. It was a smooth interview for my CP filling. Thank you Mr. Goth and Mr. Dino Fadi from 4 pillars!
Mary Rose E.
17:47 29 May 23
Friendly and very helpful
Mel C.
21:01 27 May 23
Experience, knowledge, assurance, delivery, accomplishment, confidence, great time management are just a few words to describe Goth & Company. I am pleased that I was connected with them. Their efficiency and expertise put me on the path to a sound financial footing. You are safe in their hands. Thanks Goth & Company.
Yvonne C.
13:04 15 May 23
Very helpful and patient. Thanks for everything!
Michael S.
16:13 08 May 23
Nice people, friendly and very smooth transaction. They took my stress away in no time and make the situation pleasant. Bankrupting has never been in my vocabulary but due to the “pandemic” I could not see myself moving away from the load of debts. Thanks for having the right attitude in helping me in times of need. It was refreshing! believe me. 5 stars ⭐️ service.
Joseph R.
04:39 07 May 23
The service was amazing, this company help a lot for those who in need. Based on my experience I am so thankful to this company and I really appreciate how they treat me as their client. I highly recommend this awesome company and highly commend all the people behind this awesome organization.
Dennise Ericka D.
14:05 04 May 23
Provided all the available options in detail regarding and worked along with that best suited my situation. Very approachable and informative. Strongly recommend them!
Mirza F.
21:29 03 May 23
I’m very pleased with the service I received. Joanne and David were very professional and very explicit in explaining the details of their services.I would highly recommend Goth and company, to anyone needing financial advice.
Caleb M.
15:24 03 May 23
All the staff here were exceptional. It is quite an emotional rollercoaster going through debt management, and everyone here were very compassionate, supportive, patient and always available to answer all my questions. I HIGHLY recommend this company!
Barb L.
15:52 02 May 23
Fantastic company to work with. They helped me out greatly.
Daniel Courchesne (.
01:12 02 May 23
They were very through and made sure I understand all of my options and answered all my questionsThank you
22:27 01 May 23
Great people to deal with
Zachary H.
18:39 01 May 23
Very professional. It’s not an easy decision but every step of the process was done carefully and politelyThank you
Bob M.
18:03 01 May 23
I am glad to deal with their company David was amazing to deal with. It's a smooth transaction and I am one of the satisfied client here. Thank you Goth & Company Ltd.
Disiree O.
17:52 01 May 23
They are wonderful to work with and everyone is very helpful - which is awesome when dealing with a stressfull situation. Would highly recommend this company. Thank you!
Lynne S.
17:32 01 May 23
Outstanding experience....explained all options clearly, made the process very easy. I felt supported and greatly appreciate the amazing work they do. Highly recommend!!
17:01 01 May 23
It was a pleasure to work with Goth & Company Ltd. I would recommend them to anyone
Aynur R.
17:00 01 May 23
I had the most amazing experience with Goth & company, so helpful & easy to deal with. They got stuff done quick and efficient & the people I dealt with were very friendly and professional. I highly recommend this company!
Brandy O.
16:54 01 May 23
Was very knowledgeable. Well explained as what the difference was between debt proposal and bankruptcy. Felt like a big load had been taken off my mind and shoulders. Would recommend this to anyone who is ina place that there income just isn't enough to cover the financial problems a lot of Canadians face. Thank you so much.
Carmen H.
20:18 11 Apr 23
I was very nervous as I had never done a proposal before. Michael Buckler was both patient and kind in discussing each step of my proposal. My mind was put at ease and a huge weight was lifted off of me. I highly recommend Goth & Company Ltd if you find yourself in financial difficulty and need some help.
Teresa M.
14:45 07 Apr 23
Everything was handled professionally and with tact. They were able to explain everything clearly, and provided me with several feasible options. A very smooth experience!
Eden M.
18:33 05 Apr 23
I was so pleased with the service I received from Goth & Company. They went above and beyond to help me find the perfect solution for my situation. I was very impressed with the welcoming and service that I have received from their office staff. If anybody finds itself in a stressful debt situation I would highly suggest Goth & Company. It means a lot if u are under a stressful debt situation and there is somebody who is willing to help like Goth & Company.. A big thanks to Heather, Joanne, Mr. Mazerolle and all others that were involved in helping me.
Suvada C.
04:11 05 Apr 23
Awesome people to deal with, no judgment and barton goth really knows his stuff. I went into this feeling as if I've sunk and won't be coming out but by the end of my app my outlook on things were more positive...
Daniel C.
15:25 04 Apr 23
Goth & Company are a family run indigenous company. There trustees are knowledgeable and made things very easy for me during my time with them. I highly recommend there services. My mother recommended there services as she used Goth 20 years ago. They are still highly regarded.
Kelly L.
13:55 04 Apr 23
I found Goth and Company very easy to work with during a stressful time. I appreciated their professionalism and dedication to their client.
Cathy R.
23:25 03 Apr 23
I was very impressed with the service I got. All the information was explained to me.
21:09 03 Apr 23
Very professional agency, i was spoken to on a level that makes you feel supported.Very friendly and genuineWould refer people if help was neededThanks Barton Goth and everyone at goth and companyGod bless
Joe H.
19:08 03 Apr 23
From the first message I sent, Goth & Company Ltd. have been amazing. I feel 100% confident with them handling the financial issues I was struggling with. Need to know your options? Give them a call!!
Connie M.
18:27 03 Apr 23
Very thorough with explanations, options and possible outcomes. They get right to work on your file which lessens anxiety.Thank you so much❤️Mary Ellen Lickfold
Nelle Y.
17:18 03 Apr 23
Very considerate and compassionate company! Always worked with me to make it work. The process took longer than life was giving me the opportunity to finish it; but Goth helped me get through my bankruptcy. Thank you Goth and Company!
Jarred F
14:18 13 Mar 23
Since I first contacted Goth and co. They have been very helpful with all my coccerns.Everyone I have dealt with has been eager to help with all my issues.
Rick M.
23:00 05 Mar 23
Going through a consumer proposal is very intimidating but how Goth & Company Ltd helped me through it and made me feel secure doing so I definitely recommend.
Dillon P.
18:04 03 Mar 23
I found Goth & Co very supportive of my financial situation. Response time is fast and reliable and their staff went above and beyond to assist me with financial information, understanding my options, then following up with supportive action.I would highly recommend their services.
Carla P.
20:02 02 Mar 23
When a situation in my life was causing severe hardship and I wasn't sure where to turn Goth & Company Ltd. was a saving grace! Barton Goth took the time to explain all of my options and provided clarity and honesty. He never once made me feel pressured to choose their services or made me feel like I was just "another customer" when I had some unusual circumstances his firm took the extra time to find the answers I needed. They made what was a VERY stressful time sensitive matter turn into a very easy and calm situation. I would never recommend using any other firm for these types of situations.
Christie B.
17:56 02 Mar 23
I have a very bad situation regarding my financials. Many years i tried to resolve that situation with no succsess at all. I`ve contacted several companies, individuals for help, but every time I had some reservations to not trust or believe them. I had personal contacts with two face to face but there was no conviction that I can be safe and everything will be OK. Years are passing, I`ve drown deeper and deeper. Praying wasn`t helpful.One day I saw advertise on FB about GOTH&Company. Suddenly lights were up in my had, "Let`s ask them" "Let`s try one more time" I said to myself. I contact them via E-Mail and response was so warm and promising. I continue folowing their instructions and meet first person in person at their site. Somehow I just start to trust. I was so lost in my life. Then I met another person there, then another, then another and I start feeling like I`m home with my family who is here to protect me and give me hope, strength and light to continue my life with hope for good. Now, after I follow their guidance and collect all info about my situation and me personaly, after they listen carefully, process of my freedom started to be reality. I am so confident that they will help anyone who need help this kind as I saw professionalism, honesty, selflessnes and pride what they are doing. Those people are very serious and so strong in their work to help others who are cornered and in agony as I was. I`m not anymore. I`m so calm, clear minded and hopeful, thanks to their work for me. Thank you GOTH&COMPANY for changing my life for good, forever. I wish you the best in your future business and connection with people. Sincerely, Just one of those simple man: Hasan Muratovic. Thank You.
Hasan M.
17:37 02 Mar 23
Great company , very professional ! Helped me immensely in getting control back of my finances . If you have any worries about debt , or sleepless nights wondering where your next credit card payment is coming from, then give them a call. You will not regret it.
Anders S.
16:14 02 Mar 23
It was a very pleasant experience dealing with David at Goth and company. He was available to answer all my questions and gave me time to make a decision on what I wanted to do with No pressure at all. Once I decided he helped me through the process very quickly.
Vicki M.
15:51 02 Mar 23
Very pleasant experience. Made a stressful situation more tolerable.
Mark W.
15:49 02 Mar 23
I called them after talking to other companies that were seemingly out for their own interests. They answered all my questions, were not judgmental, saved me thousands over the adds you see on FB companies. Made me feel like I might actually have hope of a better future. I would highly recommend them to anyone looking for advise on their debt solution options. Life changing.
amanda G.
15:46 02 Mar 23
Great service, very professional and more then willing to explain any questions that you may be concerned about. Thank you!
Sean M.
15:33 02 Mar 23
I am very pleased with the feedback and information I got from Goth & Company. They made this stressful situation I was in more clear and gave me all the information I needed. Definitely recommend!
Hope B.
15:28 02 Mar 23
Professional and great service.
15:24 02 Mar 23
Barton Goth made a stressful situation much less stressful. Everyone whom I have had the pleasure of speaking with has treated me with respect and has helped me to understand all my options and to take the steps that are best for me and my unique situation. 5 stars
megan B.
23:01 09 Feb 23
Process was very easy, I was nervous, but the zoom meeting with the trustee put my mind at ease. He answered all my questions, he was very prepared and explained the details of consumer proposal pro/cons in terms I understood.I felt more at ease with my decision after speaking with him, thank you
Linda L.
23:03 07 Feb 23
I have nothing but good things to say about Goth & Company. Since the choice to trust our financial situation with Goth has begun, i have been relieved of unmentionable amount of stress. Trying to repay debts without any way to accomplish that task is a form of insanity. Such a relief to discover and relax with Goth's help.
Jewal B.
22:45 06 Feb 23
Hi..Goth and company are very helpful in helping people..myself .with there debt problems.thankyou Goth and company.Have a good day day.Mike S.They did everything that needed to be done done.
Michael S.
19:01 06 Feb 23

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