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Have up to 75% of your unsecured debts forgiven

Over 140,000 Canadians per year use government programs to eliminate their debt. We can help you:

Stop interest from accumulating.

Reduce your debts to one monthly payment.

Put an end to collection calls.

What is the total amount of your debt?

Get out of debt and back on track! We are here to help.

Dealing with debt may seem overwhelming, but it becomes much easier once you take the first step to find out what options are available.


Provide some basic information

Answer a few questions to help us understand what you are dealing with.


Speak with a debt specialist

Review all of the available options with an experienced professional.


Choose an option

Pick the solution that works best for you and decide when you are ready to move forward.

Options you can trust.

There are plenty of organizations with solutions that promise to help with debt. Unfortunately, not all debt solutions are equal. It is important for you to understand all of the options that are available before committing to a particular path. We take a personal approach to make sure we understand what you are going through and what your hopes and plans are for the future. We will review all of your options and make sure you understand how they will impact you. When you are comfortable, you choose the path that makes the most sense.

CRA Debt Forgiveness

There are not many options for dealing with income tax debt in Canada. A consumer proposal, filed by a Licensed Insolvency Trustee, can forgive a large part of what is owed and give you up to five years to pay the remainder.

What is a Consumer Proposal?

Not only does a consumer proposal forgive a large part of your debts… it also stops interest from accumulating, stops collection agencies from calling, protects your wages and protects you from any legal actions taken by your creditors.

Taking the first step is like a breath of fresh air.

Each month, thousands of Canadians begin their journey towards debt freedom. The initial meeting with a Licensed Insolvency Trustee is often described as a breath of fresh air. Knowing that you have options makes a world of difference.

Everyone at Goth & Company is very knowledgeable and professional. This makes what is normally a difficult time far easier to navigate.

– Jeff W.
They were very helpful and reassuring helping us navigate this stressful situation. They answered all our questions and have been there every step of the way.
Shawn Z.
00:51 16 Sep 22
Goth & Company are professional, non judgemental, knowledgeable and very kind and courteous. I have used their services twice now and recommend them to anyone I know with Financial Hardships . I feel blessed to have come across them to help me work through my debts! All the staff there are awesome……From reception all the way to Trustee…..Hiy Hiy ( thank you in my Cree language) ……..Goth & Company
Teresa S.
11:03 09 Sep 22
Very efficient group, had my process started immediately and are knowledgeable as well as seemed to empathize with me. Would recommend highly.
Larry M.
16:00 08 Sep 22
The level and depth of the knowledge they have is wonderful. They helped me to overcome my difficult time. I highly recommend their services to anyone who is going through tough economic conditions.
Ravi D.
02:54 08 Sep 22
I trust Goth & company Ltd. to fulfill what was agreed upon when papers were finalized.
Peter S.
04:39 07 Sep 22
Very thorough easy to understand and talk to not many companies I could trust with sensitive material such as finance buy great job thanks for helping my situation and family out
Ryan B.
21:30 06 Sep 22
Really professional and they are answering questions with a lot of knowledge. I was well treated with them.
pascale 2.
21:13 06 Sep 22
amazing , Barton Goth highly recommended, very kind and understanding!!!
Rima M.
20:37 06 Sep 22
Very professional and thorough. They really take the time to explain everything and help you to know your best option for your situation.
Rosie R.
18:29 06 Sep 22
Goth & Company Ltd. is what I am looking for. Their company has always been to help the clients the best way they can to get through their most difficult financial times. Their desire to put the client first has always been the priority, and if you want someone to help with your financial situation, please see Mr. Goth.
Francis R.
13:17 12 Aug 22
Very informative and really easy to understand. Very good.
Tobin H.
17:16 04 Aug 22
Very knowledgable, gives out all the details and clear concepts and questions. Very pleased with the service. Very convinient. Highly recommend.
khushboo R.
17:22 03 Aug 22
Quick, effective, straightforward
Ralph W.
17:15 03 Aug 22
Thank you to Goth & Company along with 4 Pillars to helping me get my debt dealt with, it was keeping me up at night. They we totally thorough and explained everything.
Jolene S.
14:42 03 Aug 22
Goth & Company Ltd. helped me get back on track to financial freedom. They contact and deal with your debtors and come up with a plan for repayment that works for you. There is no judgment of you, no shame in seeking help to get your debts under control. Hey, life happens and sometimes you fall behind. Should it happen to you, Goth & Company are there to help you get back on track and get your life in order. Stop losing sleep at night worrying about your debt and give Goth & Company a call. You won't regret it, you have nothing to lose and only financial freedom to gain.
Parker C.
16:19 25 Jul 22
They were fantastic from start to finish as I went through a consumer proposal. They were compassionate and understanding, responsive, and helpful at every state. I strongly recommend them.
Paul T.
05:01 25 Jul 22
Very respectuful company. I’ve been dealing with Barton and Amanda and they are just amazing! Very friendly and accomodating. Highly recommended.👌🏻😊
Doris T.
01:47 22 Jul 22
The relief just came perfectly !!!! Thanks
Stefen Carl L.
21:58 21 Jul 22
I have Goth and Company very easy to talk to and very understanding of my financial situation. I would highly recommend them to anyone facing financial problems.
Sandra T.
01:03 21 Jul 22
Excellent service !! Thank you for helping me with my financial debt /credit . It is not forever! I will find financial freedom within 5 years or sooner . To help me recover from this debt burden Goth Company will assist me with budgeting and financial debt/ credit counselling. Definitely a stress reducer! Very Grateful, Karen Rea
Bill R.
23:37 20 Jul 22
It’s been an easy process. Straight forward with no judgement. Happy to have someone on my team to start this new chapter of my life
Claire W.
22:57 20 Jul 22
The direct and to the point.
Matthew C.
22:16 20 Jul 22
Excellent service. Thank you so mach for wonderful I am feeling relaxed.Thank you again..
vijayakumar R.
16:01 20 Jul 22
They do their job very well, very professional.I recommend them.
Juan V.
22:35 19 Jul 22
After completing my first finance session with Amanda, I really feel I have started on the road to financial recovery. To this point everyone I've dealt with from Barton Goth have been very professional and very informative as to what I need to expect moving forward with this process. The stress relief is massive and I can finally see a way out of my financial crisis. I look forward to completing this process and finishing my sessions to learn tactics to avoid this situation from becoming reality in the future.
Tony M.
17:31 19 Jul 22
Excellent experience and very professional. I'm very satisfied and definitely recommend this company.
Luis Ignacio Fraguas A.
17:24 19 Jul 22
Very helpful and full of information.
melmar C.
15:31 19 Jul 22
What a wonderful caring experienced group of people working for this company.Gave me all the information needed in a non judgmental way and guided me through the process like they actually cared about what I was going through.The people from this Company that helped me were soft spoken and actually listened to what my concerns were and replied to them with guidance that put my mind at ease and helped me move forward with this stressful for me process.Outstanding ! Would highly without reservation recommend this company.
Brent A.
15:21 19 Jul 22
The staff at Goth & Company are really helpful.They help you through the process .
Cal M.
15:14 19 Jul 22
Excellent to work with, they made me my consumer debt proposal possible. Thank you.
15:06 19 Jul 22
Extreamlynpleasent to deal with, answered any questions I had and made me feel comfortable with everything. 100% recommend!
Lisa N.
14:55 19 Jul 22
I appreciate the time that these guys took to explain everything in detail. Making sure to not leave anything out and ensuring I understood everything. They were patient and calm throughout the whole process. Thanks Goth and Company
Terri M.
14:42 19 Jul 22
Definitely very helpful helping me through hard times to help clear up my debts and giving me the advice I need and guidance to correct my finances and budgeting
Zak M.
14:34 19 Jul 22
These guys don't charge the fee up front, instead it's put into your proposal, which makes sense considering why you're there. They communicate, listen, and help with the best option for you.
Kristi D.
14:34 19 Jul 22
From the moment calling for the initial meeting to the explanation of the documents. It has been a great experience
Mark R.
14:24 19 Jul 22
I have found Goth & Company to be extremely professional in all their dealings with me. If you find yourself in financial difficulty, seek their professional service.
Jacqueline S.
01:21 09 Jun 22
Dealing with a company that is so professional is such a relief when going through this process. Thank you for all you do
Wendy J.
14:55 08 Jun 22
The people at Goth & Company have made a huge difference in my financial life. They were professional, quick, efficient and easy to work with. I appreciate that all documentation and arrangements were handled online so that there weren't any healthc concerns. And they were concluded efficiently ithout any issues. If you have need of financial or legal services, then Goth & Company is the place to look.
The House of R.
02:08 07 Jun 22
Goth & Company Ltd. Have been a pleasure to deal with. They are very thorough and helpful. Would absolutely recommend this company to others.
Cheyenne S.
01:33 07 Jun 22
I was very nervous at first. But then I was instantly at ease when they breakdown and explain everything thoroughly for you.Thank you again for your help!
Aleisha C.
20:45 06 Jun 22
This company was very helpful and compassion with helping go this this time in my life . I just lost my husband so was having a hard time with everything in my life. I would tell everyone about how helpful and nice this company is .
cindy B.
18:40 06 Jun 22
Goth and company took me in and put my mind at ease. They helped me deal with my very stressful situation in a very timely manner. I appreciated the lack of judgment, but advice that I needed. Thank you!!
Eric M.
16:09 06 Jun 22
Very Fast and Efficient Service. Had answers to every question I may have had and was able to explain things in thorough detail.Thanks for all your help !!!
Joshua “Joshua James” G.
15:47 06 Jun 22
Fast efficient company that communicates very well via phone , email. I had a few questions about services and they were available and ensured to answer ! Thank you 😊 for your professionalism and organizational
Miranda K.
14:48 06 Jun 22
Was very helpful through this troubled time I'm having.Thank you all
Jo-ann Z.
15:12 01 Jun 22
At first I am quite apprehensive. But Goth and Company Ltd. made me understand every detail of the transaction. Very professional , concise and straight to the point. I am relieved to get help from them. I will be able to sleep well at night not thinking too much about how hard I have to work just to pay off my debt. Highly recommended.
Yam M.
03:07 13 May 22
I am extremely naive in financial matters. With no where else to turn, and feeling completely overwhelmed, the professionalism and guidance of the staff was nothing but helpful. I appreciate all the help they've offered in this stressful time.
Aaron B.
01:43 07 May 22
Really friendly, helpful, non judgemental, and informative.
Margaret B.
00:54 06 May 22
Very professional and thorough. Easy to understand and follow.
Dennis C.
23:39 05 May 22
Goth and Co. Has helped me a great bunch! I was in deep debt with payday loans. They also helped with other loans I had as well and now I make A low monthly payment that goes to getting rid of my debt! It was a great relief knowing I don’t have to worry about money as much as I did.
Dean S.
20:44 05 May 22
our experience with goth and company was just great they were very informative and easy to understand what was happening with the process we were kept up to date on everything and everyone was very nice and professional
Joseph B.
01:37 05 May 22
Goth & Company we’re amazing to deal with. Answered all my questions and took the time I needed to understand everything. Very helpful and professional to work with. Would definitely recommend them to anyone!!!
Chris G.
22:00 04 May 22
Great organization to work with. My finances are truly in shambles, but their professionalism and promptness is assist me has been outstanding. A trusted source for you.
Crystal M.
21:58 04 May 22
I was at my lowest financially and this company is offering me the light at the end of the tunnel. Desmond took his time to explain how everything will work. Thank you
18:41 04 May 22
I have done business with goth and company and I would highly recommend them to anyone looking for some help with financial problems . They're very friendly , fast and they'll work with you to do what you need . Very professional service and great customer service. Nothing bad to say about them .
Shawn P.
23:12 18 Mar 22
They are a very friendly and helpful bunch of people who helped me out off a very difficult time without their help and support I don't know where I will be today so I would like to say thank you for all your help and supportMike jones
Mike J.
02:20 17 Mar 22
This company has been there and helped me out till I was able to get everything I needed, very friendly and work for the best of your Situation highly recommend
Jenny R.
01:49 17 Mar 22
Knowledgeable and professional. Helped me through a difficult and stressful time. High recommend them.
Lynn M.
17:42 15 Mar 22
They were professional and kind. They took a lot of stress off my plate so I could just breathe. I am so grateful. Any issues I had were handled quickly and all the staff are really nice. The modules I had to complete were helpful and I am glad to have learned from them.
Connie S.
23:31 14 Mar 22
I retired in 2021. I had been trying to pay down debt for years. Now as a senior on a pension this was very difficult. I found Goth & Co on the Government of Canada web site. They were very professional non judgmental. Heather was excellent she explained my choices clearly. I opted for a Consumer Proposal. She answered my questions and concerns. Joanne assisted me with the paperwork. They made the whole process very stress free. I can now sleep again at night. I recommend Goth & Co to anyone looking for debt solutions assistance.
18:51 14 Mar 22
Bart was incredible! I came in very confused but I left knowing what my next steps were in getting my life together and building myself. Thank you Goth And Company
Ustace K.
20:14 04 Feb 22
We do not wish for anyone to be in the situation that we were in with debt 5 years ago, however if u find yourself needing a debt trustee, we would recommend Goth & Company in Edmonton. They treated us with respect and always a friendly face. We spent 5 years with their expert guidance and there was never a time that we could not reach out for their help in this regard.
janice G.
19:49 16 Dec 21
I was very nervous about my financial problems until I chose to work with Goth & Co. During each meeting, they were very professional and clearly knew what they were doing. They explained my options and answered each and every question I had. After, the meetings it was very easy to choose which way I wanted to go. I chose consumer proposal, which gave me the best chance to deal with my financial problems. I'm very glad to know I chose the right company to trust.I will continue to work with Goth & Co as well as highly recommending Goth & Co to anyone for their financial needs and advice.
Judit K.
00:55 01 Dec 21
We needed Goth and Co when lack of Covid work combined with the birth of our baby. They were excellent, answering all our questions and had phone or video conference whenever we needed. They also assisted with the application and worked with us to ensure everything went through smoothly.
Ashley Q.
19:24 27 Nov 21
My experience with Goth & Company Ltd was excellent. professional approach and knowledgable people, with clear information without vagueness.I got my proposal and I was amazed for the outcome. Honestly I never thought about I will pay my debt with in five years.I will highly recommend Goth & Company.
Bahja G.
19:23 26 Nov 21
Big thank you to Goth & Company Ltd for helping out with my financial journey. They are very professional and they always answered all my questions and concerns promptly. I would highly recommend Goth & Co to anyone for their financial needs and advice.
Dee K.
20:29 25 Nov 21
Goth & Company was very approachable, straightforward and the staff answered all questions and concerns . I would highly recommend this company.
crystal C.
13:38 25 Nov 21
Goth and Company have been a god send helping us through the most difficult and trying times we have ever faced.
Denise W.
03:12 25 Nov 21
I first considered bankruptcy about the middle of august when my company had failed due to Covid but I still had to pay out to keep it working.My credit card and other debts were sky high and I could not make my monthly payments..even my rent. I was afraid to lose everything.Then a good friend suggested declaring bankruptcy when we discussed my total debt was enormous and my pensions hade been cut in half because I took CERB in 2019.I did not know of any company...but found Goth and Company through Google. After a free initial consultation...and a follow up analysis..We agreed bankruptcy was my only route.They began the proceedings within 2 days...Contacting all my creditors and credit card companies.This not only allowed me to cease having to pay debts with no money...but it also stopped the harassing phone calls.I have been working with them almost twice a calls, emails as well as in their office.They even provided a monthly budget format..and we went over my monthly revenue and expenses in detail for the month of October.Seeing my difficult situation, they extended my monthly payments to their company for their service to Jan 29,when my original contract called for an October payment.This has been the best, most stress relieving situation I have been in since Covid first hit.I want to wish every member of their staff a great big Thank You, and I hope they all stay safe and have a great Christmas season
Ronald G.
19:51 24 Nov 21
Hands down the best help i have ever gotten. They took their time with me and helped me understand every detail. After the process was done i felt like a million pounds was lifted off my shoulders. I strongly recommend Goth and Company.
Richard H.
18:59 24 Nov 21
Handled our particular situation, always answered our questions promptly
Wayne R.
13:02 07 Sep 21
Goth & Company was extremely helpful in creating a plan to get me on a positive financial journey. It was easy to make appointments, get my questions answered and get a better understanding of my finances and how they work! I would definitely recommend Goth & Co to anyone!
Lindsay C.
03:39 07 Sep 21
They made me feel comfortable with the whole process, they did not make me feel bad about myself at all. I highly recommend their services.
Kelly T.
05:17 06 Sep 21
What more can I say, I thank them all truly especially Heather who help me to organized my finances and now for less than 2 years I am done with my proposal and my credit score back up to good. Thanks guys for letting me know all my options and what was best with my situation.
Jo D.
14:54 31 Aug 21
I went to Goth & Company distraught and overwhelmed with debt. Creditors were calling, the phone rang constantly. I was greeted with respect, and their assistance to my needs were great. I went through financial sessions to better assist me helping me budget, and save money rather than spend. I had the consumer proposal and its finally paid off, and I am debt free. I do have a credit card, but I am managing it successfully. Thank you again Goth & Company, with out your service, I do not know what I would of done. I recommend Goth & Company to assist in your debt issues, they are extremely helpful and understanding.
Trish J.
14:40 31 Aug 21
We fortunately found this company at a not-so-great time in our life, they helped us see a way out about our predicament with ease, we would recommend Goth Company Limited to anyone finding themselves in financial hardship thank you so much we really appreciate all your help.The Duffenais
jo D.
04:15 31 Aug 21
I highly recommend Goth & Company. They have always addressed my questions in a timely manner. Most of all, they helped me to fix things in my financial life, that was a difficult task. I am in a much better position now after paying my consumer proposal off 2 years early.
Melissa M.
03:16 31 Aug 21
I am very happy with my experience with Goth and company. They helped my through a very difficult time in my life. They had everything worked out and I was able to have a good life with out worrying about my finances.I highly recommment them.
Mike R.
01:21 31 Aug 21
I went through a very rough spot and a few years later I still wasn't able to keep my head above water. Goth & company were so helpful. Everyone I dealt with was friendly, informative and it really felt like they cared and were doing what they could to help me.Any time I called or emailed them, I got a response same day.I would completely recommend them!
Christine D.
20:08 30 Aug 21
I had such a wonderful experience with this company, very knowledgeable and I did not feel looked down on. I have told may individuals about this company and highly recommend
Kristin D.
18:07 30 Aug 21
Great people to work with made the whole process easy to understand. Would recommend this company for anyone who is facing hardship or who have general questions about their options.
Cheryl N.
17:15 30 Aug 21
I've dealt with Goth and Company for approximately the last 6 years. From the start, they have always been great with me. They have always addressed any questions or concerns I've had in a timely manner, showed caring and compassion, and treated me with respect. I would highly recommend this company to anyone who might need their services. I would use this company again if I ever needed to!
Bentea G.
15:58 30 Aug 21
Goth & Co. was amazing to work with, they certainly saved my butt when it came to dealing with a consumer proposal. Always fast to communicate and easy to work with!
Devon R.
15:47 30 Aug 21
When I went to see Goth & Company others wouldn’t work with me,Goth bundled everything together and worked with me, I ended up paying them off early than expected. I was so happy and relieved so much pressure was taken off my life.
kevin D.
15:09 30 Aug 21
Goth & Company were terrific to deal with and helped us to figure out our financial well being and also offered financial counselling services.
Matthew C.
14:34 30 Aug 21
Excellent service. They will explain all details. Answered all the questions I asked 5 star serviceThanks Goth!!!Great experience. Thank you for helping me during this tough time.
Moe C.
15:52 19 Aug 21
At first I was so hesitant to make an inquiry or just to deal with the company. But when I made my first phone call, the staff was so calm and gave me instructions in a way that I never felt judged. David M. handled my application, all my queries were answered well and gave me good advised and options with my financial crisis. I hope that you guys will help more people! Im quite confident now and hope everything will end well, Im so glad I contacted the company👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻 ~ Leslie
Leslie D.
12:41 14 Aug 21
So far the staff have been knowledgeable and very pleasant to talk too helping me through some difficult issues I recommend this company to contact for advice and they explain in detail options and procedures These are difficult times for people and to have a company that shows compassion counts in my experience I recommend them to people who are experiencing difficult financial problems
17:12 12 Aug 21
From the moment I had my initial call to assess my situation, I felt very comfortable. At no point I felt judged in any way. Barton called me very quickly after I requested more information and I was very positive and hopeful after that first interaction. He answered all the questions I had either by phone or email before I proceeded with the best option for me. Barton and his team have been very kind and understanding and have always been able to address any questions or concerns I have had. With them I have felt taken care of. This was a very stressful moment and I feel I am in good hands.
Sandra G.
18:46 11 Aug 21
Going bankrupt is not an easy thing to do. But, Goth & Company Ltd. has made it a more stress free experience. The staff are amazing. The staff answer my questions in a timely manner. I would definitely recommend Goth & Company Ltd. to everyone looking for financial advice and financial aid.
Kevin C.
16:44 11 Aug 21
A great group of people helping me through a difficult time with understanding and compassion
Cleve K
22:57 10 Aug 21
Just incredible company and people. Excellent service and communications - every is explained, your treated as a person and they guide you through the entire process. Answer all questions without judgement and you never left in the dark. They respond very quickly. For the first time in my life I am getting back on my feet and feel good about it. The financial counselling helps as well. They have your back through the entire process. Thank you!
Grim R.
22:45 11 May 21
very helpful people here, supportive and understanding, great to work with, they have helped me with all my needs and some, HIGHLY recommend Goth & Company
Carson M
19:38 07 May 21
The staff with Goth and Company helped me through a very difficult time in my life when I had to register for bankruptcy. They helped me walk through the process and were very patient with me and helped me understand the process. I would highly recommend them for anyone who might be going through bankruptcy, and they are very affordable. Thank You
Kenton R.
05:24 05 May 21
I haven't felt this relieved in a very long time, Goth & Company not only educated me but also helped me get my financial stress under control, I am beyond thankful with them and I'll recommend to anyone looking on doing the same
marcos M.
17:55 04 May 21
The staff have been wonderful! I felt that I had all of my questions answered and that the process was explained thoroughly to me. My finances are now under control and I feel like the weight of the world has been lifted off my shoulders. Would definitely recommend Goth & Company to my friends.
Amber G
16:15 04 May 21
In a situation that can be very embarrassing and or shameful I was made to feel comfortable. Kelly was knowledgeable, kind and non judgemental. I felt like my options were laid out very clearly and I understood very well what was in front of me. I met with kelly multiple times and every time he took the time and was patient and thorough in going through all info and options with me over and over again. The process was easy, and the support was always there with goth and company. I would HIGHLY recommend them!!!
Carly O.
05:24 04 May 21
Excellent customer service
Abhilash M.
02:18 04 May 21
Excellent professional service!
20:17 03 May 21
Very friendly staff and they will help you understand all the details and pros and cons . They are very helpful and highly recommended.
Lee J.
11:59 11 Mar 21
Very friendly staff whom are very informal with any questions or concerns one might have. My financial situation is being resolved now with the team at Goth & Company. Huge weight of shoulders. I recommend them! Thank you!
Sara S.
03:00 08 Mar 21
This company is very helpful, l have every confidence in this company, all staff were wonderful and kind. Thank you so much.
Sheen S.
23:00 04 Mar 21
Had a great experience. They explained everything about the proposal and answered all of my questions in a timely manner. Would recommend having them take a look at your situation if you need. Thank you.
11:20 04 Mar 21
I was super nervous and kept messing up my paperwork but they were super patient and made the whole process less stressful and were super kind. I would totally recommend using them ☺️
Crystal O.
19:59 01 Mar 21
Everybody is very helpful, very well customer oriented they always make sure everything you need is taken care of. Will surely recommend Goth and Company to my friends.Elias S.
Team Soon A.
18:12 01 Mar 21
Discreet and great service offer. Well explained and all options are considered so you can do the best decision possible for you.
Marie-Josee V.
18:12 01 Mar 21
Everyone I've communicated with from Goth & Company ltd. have been so kind making me feel like they truly care and only want the best end results for me .They have been quick to answer any email questions I have and to point me to the right person to answer them. They have giving me the right tools and support to help me with my debt issues .
Tiffany F.
00:58 22 Jan 21
The decision to declare bankrupt was not easy for me. i felt ashamed for the bad finicial choices i made. When i first made contact with Goth, the gentleman i talked to was kind and non judgmental. i appreciated that.
Glenda B.
03:06 11 Jan 21
They were referred by my family members, and I'm very happy about the services they offer. The staff members are very helpful and knowledgeable. They respond to our questions right away and they gave me a lot of options.
Franchesca B.
04:40 07 Jan 21
Goth & Company is very good at explaining the choices plainly so it is understandable for all. I liked the process, it was not at all as difficult as it seemed and they were readily available to answer any questions I had swiftly. Overall my experience so far was very pleasant. M.G.
Mike G.
17:55 06 Jan 21
I used Goth & Company to figure out a way to manage the debt I had accumulated. The whole process was streamline and the individuals I dealt with helped me through the process. They educated me about my options and helped me come up with a plan to get out of debt. Would definitely recommend them to anyone!!
Hannah P.
02:36 06 Jan 21
Great service and very efficient
Kathy K.
20:27 05 Jan 21
Very thorough, understanding and patient. They made what seems to be a difficult process seemless.
17:50 05 Jan 21
Highly recommendedGoth and company are very knowledgeable and professional.They helped me in my proposal and whatever he told me that was all true and accurate
17:50 05 Jan 21

Help for all kinds of unsecured debt.

Most unsecured debts can be consolidated into an easy, manageable monthly payment. Creditors stop calling you and deal directly with the Licensed Insolvency Trustee.

Income Tax Debt

Student Loan Debt

Credit Card Debt

PayDay Loans

Phone Bills

Utility Bills

Unsecured Loans

Personal Loans


Line of Credit

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