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What Is Bankruptcy?

Bankruptcy is a legal process, provided and regulated by the federal government, to help citizens and permanent residents overcome unmanageable debt and have a fresh start. Filing for bankruptcy can only be done by a Licensed Insolvency Trustee and must follow the procedures outlined in the Bankruptcy & Insolvency Act of Canada. Through bankruptcy you can be discharged from your unsecured debts, meaning that your debts are eliminated and can no longer be enforced by your creditors.

Filing for Bankruptcy in Alberta

See the bankruptcy process broken down into five simple stages.

Looking for a Bankruptcy Trustee?

Find out why you need a Licensed Insolvency Truste instead.

The Bankruptcy & Insolvency Act

Everything you need to know about Canada’s insolvency legislation.

Alberta Bankruptcy Exemptions

Find our what assets are considered exempt from bankruptcy proceedings.

When Should I Consider Filing For Bankruptcy?

The bankruptcy process is designed as a last resort for individuals and families who are in a position where they cannot afford to deal with their debt in any other fashion. Here are the top signs you should be discussing your finances with a bankruptcy trustee:

  • Avoid answering the phone afraid of harassing creditors
  • Paying minimum payments on credit cards
  • Owe CRA back taxes for multiple years
  • Wages garnished for unpaid bills
  • Turned down multiple times for extended credit
  • Use one credit card to pay another
  • Repeatedly use cash advance or payday loans
  • Skip payments or are behind on accounts
Bankruptcy Services in Edmonton

Are There Any Alternatives to Bankruptcy?

At Goth & Company, we believe it is important for everyone to understand that there are more options than just bankruptcy in Edmonton, and declaring bankruptcy may not be the best solution for your situation.  To help ensure everyone is aware of what the options are, we provide a free initial consultation meeting with a Licensed Insolvency Trustee. The Trustee will examine your financial position and outline all the options that exist including:

  • various debt consolidation loans
  • debt management plans
  • the Orderly Payment of Debts program
  • filing a consumer proposal
  • declaring bankruptcy
Bankruptcy in Edmonton | Free Phone Consultation

Find out if declaring bankruptcy is right for you!


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Client Reviews

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Goth & Company Ltd. LIT
Based on 197 reviews
At first I am quite apprehensive. But Goth and Company Ltd. made me understand every detail of the transaction. Very professional , concise and straight to the point. I am relieved to get help from them. I will be able to sleep well at night not thinking too much about how hard I have to work just to pay off my debt. Highly recommended.
Yam M.
03:07 13 May 22
I retired in 2021. I had been trying to pay down debt for years. Now as a senior on a pension this was very difficult. I found Goth & Co on the Government of Canada web site. They were very professional non judgmental. Heather was excellent she explained my choices clearly. I opted for a Consumer Proposal. She answered my questions and concerns. Joanne assisted me with the paperwork. They made the whole process very stress free. I can now sleep again at night. I recommend Goth & Co to anyone looking for debt solutions assistance.
18:51 14 Mar 22
We do not wish for anyone to be in the situation that we were in with debt 5 years ago, however if u find yourself needing a debt trustee, we would recommend Goth & Company in Edmonton. They treated us with respect and always a friendly face. We spent 5 years with their expert guidance and there was never a time that we could not reach out for their help in this regard.
janice G.
19:49 16 Dec 21
I was very nervous about my financial problems until I chose to work with Goth & Co. During each meeting, they were very professional and clearly knew what they were doing. They explained my options and answered each and every question I had. After, the meetings it was very easy to choose which way I wanted to go. I chose consumer proposal, which gave me the best chance to deal with my financial problems. I'm very glad to know I chose the right company to trust.I will continue to work with Goth & Co as well as highly recommending Goth & Co to anyone for their financial needs and advice.
Judit K.
00:55 01 Dec 21
My experience with Goth & Company Ltd was excellent. professional approach and knowledgable people, with clear information without vagueness.I got my proposal and I was amazed for the outcome. Honestly I never thought about I will pay my debt with in five years.I will highly recommend Goth & Company.
Bahja G.
19:23 26 Nov 21
I first considered bankruptcy about the middle of august when my company had failed due to Covid but I still had to pay out to keep it working.My credit card and other debts were sky high and I could not make my monthly payments..even my rent. I was afraid to lose everything.Then a good friend suggested declaring bankruptcy when we discussed my total debt was enormous and my pensions hade been cut in half because I took CERB in 2019.I did not know of any company...but found Goth and Company through Google. After a free initial consultation...and a follow up analysis..We agreed bankruptcy was my only route.They began the proceedings within 2 days...Contacting all my creditors and credit card companies.This not only allowed me to cease having to pay debts with no money...but it also stopped the harassing phone calls.I have been working with them almost twice a calls, emails as well as in their office.They even provided a monthly budget format..and we went over my monthly revenue and expenses in detail for the month of October.Seeing my difficult situation, they extended my monthly payments to their company for their service to Jan 29,when my original contract called for an October payment.This has been the best, most stress relieving situation I have been in since Covid first hit.I want to wish every member of their staff a great big Thank You, and I hope they all stay safe and have a great Christmas season
Ronald G.
19:51 24 Nov 21
I went to Goth & Company distraught and overwhelmed with debt. Creditors were calling, the phone rang constantly. I was greeted with respect, and their assistance to my needs were great. I went through financial sessions to better assist me helping me budget, and save money rather than spend. I had the consumer proposal and its finally paid off, and I am debt free. I do have a credit card, but I am managing it successfully. Thank you again Goth & Company, with out your service, I do not know what I would of done. I recommend Goth & Company to assist in your debt issues, they are extremely helpful and understanding.
Trish J.
14:40 31 Aug 21
I went through a very rough spot and a few years later I still wasn't able to keep my head above water. Goth & company were so helpful. Everyone I dealt with was friendly, informative and it really felt like they cared and were doing what they could to help me.Any time I called or emailed them, I got a response same day.I would completely recommend them!
Christine D.
20:08 30 Aug 21
I've dealt with Goth and Company for approximately the last 6 years. From the start, they have always been great with me. They have always addressed any questions or concerns I've had in a timely manner, showed caring and compassion, and treated me with respect. I would highly recommend this company to anyone who might need their services. I would use this company again if I ever needed to!
Bentea G.
15:58 30 Aug 21
At first I was so hesitant to make an inquiry or just to deal with the company. But when I made my first phone call, the staff was so calm and gave me instructions in a way that I never felt judged. David M. handled my application, all my queries were answered well and gave me good advised and options with my financial crisis. I hope that you guys will help more people! Im quite confident now and hope everything will end well, Im so glad I contacted the company👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻 ~ Leslie
Leslie D.
12:41 14 Aug 21
So far the staff have been knowledgeable and very pleasant to talk too helping me through some difficult issues I recommend this company to contact for advice and they explain in detail options and procedures These are difficult times for people and to have a company that shows compassion counts in my experience I recommend them to people who are experiencing difficult financial problems
17:12 12 Aug 21
From the moment I had my initial call to assess my situation, I felt very comfortable. At no point I felt judged in any way. Barton called me very quickly after I requested more information and I was very positive and hopeful after that first interaction. He answered all the questions I had either by phone or email before I proceeded with the best option for me. Barton and his team have been very kind and understanding and have always been able to address any questions or concerns I have had. With them I have felt taken care of. This was a very stressful moment and I feel I am in good hands.
Sandra G.
18:46 11 Aug 21
I was very unsure about the bankruptcy/ consumer proposal process until I spoke with Goth and Company. They are very professional and answered all my questions before finally making my choice. I definitely did not want to take this particular route but now I can have a fresh start. I’m glad I have chosen this Company to take care of my affairs. Thank you to all the Goth and Company Team.
Alexander B.
19:04 13 May 21
Just incredible company and people. Excellent service and communications - every is explained, your treated as a person and they guide you through the entire process. Answer all questions without judgement and you never left in the dark. They respond very quickly. For the first time in my life I am getting back on my feet and feel good about it. The financial counselling helps as well. They have your back through the entire process. Thank you!
Grim R.
22:45 11 May 21
The staff with Goth and Company helped me through a very difficult time in my life when I had to register for bankruptcy. They helped me walk through the process and were very patient with me and helped me understand the process. I would highly recommend them for anyone who might be going through bankruptcy, and they are very affordable. Thank You
Kenton R.
05:24 05 May 21
In a situation that can be very embarrassing and or shameful I was made to feel comfortable. Kelly was knowledgeable, kind and non judgemental. I felt like my options were laid out very clearly and I understood very well what was in front of me. I met with kelly multiple times and every time he took the time and was patient and thorough in going through all info and options with me over and over again. The process was easy, and the support was always there with goth and company. I would HIGHLY recommend them!!!
Carly O.
05:24 04 May 21
Everyone I've communicated with from Goth & Company ltd. have been so kind making me feel like they truly care and only want the best end results for me .They have been quick to answer any email questions I have and to point me to the right person to answer them. They have giving me the right tools and support to help me with my debt issues .
Tiffany F.
00:58 22 Jan 21
I used Goth & Company to figure out a way to manage the debt I had accumulated. The whole process was streamline and the individuals I dealt with helped me through the process. They educated me about my options and helped me come up with a plan to get out of debt. Would definitely recommend them to anyone!!
Hannah P.
02:36 06 Jan 21
I was having financial problems and ended up looking in the going into bankruptcy. The wonderful people at Goth and Company helped throughout this most difficult time. All of the staff, including Mr. Goth himself, were friendly, helpful and truly had my best interests at heart.They took their time in explaining the various types of bankruptcy to me, hooked me up with some wonderful training, answered all of my questions and encouraged me when I was having difficulty accepting the inevitable. I very much appreciate how I was put at ease, spoken to, not down to, and was able to proceed with their assistance.Because of the support provided, I now have a solid handle on my finances, make good buying decisions and can breathe once more as that weight has been lifted off of my shoulders.I’m happy to recommend Goth and Company as a business with heart and kindness to help you with your financial issues. They are straight forward and very easy to talk to. Thank you to all of the people at Goth and Company who were so helpful, informative and supportive as I went through this most stressful and trying time.MH
Monika H.
22:45 20 Oct 20
I recently had the opportunity to connect with Goth & Co. I found them to be very kind, patient and understanding, not only with my financial situation, but also with my lack of technological savvy.There were times that I had to call to ask a simple question, and they were always very responsive to my concerns.The ladies in the office were very understanding and never judged me or talked down to me.I would recommend Goth&co toanyone who finds themselves in a similar situation.This company is truly one of the best organizations that I have ever dealt with.
Lawrence E.
14:40 19 Oct 20
I found Goth & Company Ltd. on a Google search, and I called them to discuss about my situation on what to do. The trustee I talked to was very professional, and very informative. From her counsel (as well as what I believe I thought was the best), I made a decision. They gave me options, and if I had any questions, she would answer them right away. I would recommend them to any friends or family if they were going through difficult financial crisis. I am very happy with their service, and it feels like a weight has been lifted off of my shoulders. They will also help me to plan better for my finances in the future, which will be a great help to me!
Lindsay F.
22:38 28 May 20
The staff are excellent, very professional they give you examples of the options you have with your debt. The staff make you feel comfortable and welcoming. When it comes to a point in your life when you need help with your debt and it's hard to look forward, the staff make you feel there is hope and there is an end to debt to live a more happier stressfree life. I am so glad I called Goth & Company and would recommend anyone with debt to call them.
David K.
03:10 27 May 20
Goth & Company Ltd. really have helped me reduce the stress of my financial obligations. I was drowning in debt. I thought there was no way out. I was helped immediately after my first click of the mouse. I feel so relieved with certainly less stress. Thank you Goth & Company, I can now see a light at the end of the tunnel.
Morris M.
17:28 22 May 20
At first when I came across an add for Goth & Compnay Ltd. LIT, I was highly skeptical and worried if this would be a scam. I didn't know what a Licensed Insolvency Trustee was or how any of the processes worked. I was hesitant and also desperate to get back on the right track and get out of debt; I made an inquiry into the services they provide.My first and contact was with Barton Goth and his level of professionalism and understanding to my situation made me feel quite relaxed. He explained everything in a manner that was easy to understand follow. After some back and fourth conversation we concluded in finding the right debt solution for me and I was set up for an appointment at the office.Durring that appointment I met with David who further educated me on my options in greater detail. He sent me on my way with the necessary paperwork after answering all of my questions. The next staff member I had the pleasure of speaking with was Kelly. He helped me finalize my paperwork and went over all the details of the entire process. Kelly made sure that I did understood what we were exactly doing and answered all of my questions with ease.When undergoing this process you are required to attened 2 debt management/financing planning counseling session. I just recently had my first session with Heather and she was very open and welcoming. The session didn't even feel like I thought it would; boring and dry. It was quite opposite and I learned some valuable skills from Heather that will allow me to better myself financially.The entire process is very fluid and simple and the staff at Goth & Co are all such helpful, knowledgeable and kind individuals.I highly recommend Goth & Compnay Ltd. LIT to anyone struggling with debt; looking for a fresh start and brighter financial future.Thank you to everyone at Goth & Comoany Ltd. LIT for your outstanding help and guidance.-Akaash (Akira) Goundar (Ai)
Aki A.
17:46 26 Feb 20
I wasn’t mentally well when I first approached them for help and they were happy to give me space and time to sort myself out before I approached again to put my bankruptcy into motion. Kelly is a very straightforward man that doesn’t beat around the bush, which while I’m sure some folk find off putting, I needed it, it gave me peace of mind I was doing the right thing, and gave me confidence in his ability to do his job right. The option of sending everything via email is also perfect as my schedule rotates every week and it’s hard to line up on their business hours. I highly recommend them if you’re thinking of bankruptcy or if you need an outside opinion on how to move forward if you’re in a financial rut.
Morgan M
18:39 24 Feb 20
This is a great company, very professional and understanding. I was treated with a great deal of respect. All my questions were answered so that I could make decisions that were best for me. All of the staff I dealt with were very personable and always made me feel at ease. I would recommend this company to anyone deciding what to do with a decision needing a trustee.
sylvia O.
00:35 08 Jan 20
The Trustees were very compassionate and helpful. All the professionals involved have been amazing to deal with. They have made a very scary process very simple and organized, releasing a lot of stress that I have been carrying for an abundance of time. I would recommend Goth & Company. Get a consultation to see what your options are it will most definitely be worth it.
Shanel P.
17:15 10 Dec 19
My boyfriend had dealt with these guys for his consumer proposal, and recommended them. I found every person I interacted with to be very helpful, and kind. I had all of my options explained to me, and all of my questions answered.It was a big decision for me, because doing this proposal meant getting rid of my car, but it saved me a huge amount of debt. I feel such a weight lifted now, and really appreciate Goth & Company for walking me through this difficult process!
Rebecca S.
01:36 10 Dec 19
I went into the consultation nervous & scared. I wasn't sure what would happen. I wasn't judged at all but given all the choices that were available to me. I didn't feel pushed into anything & when I chose, they were on board to help me through it. Showing & explaining the whole process until I understood. Even after the meeting I was able to ask more questions! And I left feeling like a weight fell off my shoulders. I would fully recommend Goth & Company as you will be treated with respect.
W M.
01:29 19 Nov 19
I had a great experience with the goth company they were very informative and walk me through the steps on the proposal and how that helped me get out of debt they are very understanding. UnJudgmental and they just want to help people get out of debt they are a very good company to deal with and I look forward to going forward with them in this process I'm very confident that I will help get myself out of debt it with their helpAtif Farhat
Wheels F.
19:03 26 Oct 19
From the very first email inquiry for my situation with substantial debt overload along with questions about consumer proposals & struggling to pay creditors, Heather was AMAZING with absolute professionalism and a blessing for my situation. The way it was approached and handled was friendly and very comfortable knowing the situation I was in. At the end of the day I would highly recommend Goth to go over finance struggles and they will get you on the right path for A better financial future. 👍🏻
01:33 22 Oct 19
Goth & Company Ltd made my own personal situation so easy. Without them I don’t know what or where I would be. I have a friend that was in a similar situation. I recommended Goth & Company. He made an appointment and couldn’t thank me enough. In return, much thanks to Goth & Company again. Best decision I could have made.Robb Waine502 - 25 AvenueNisku AlbertaT9E 0K6
Robb W.
17:59 12 Oct 19
Jim and Bart of Goth and Company are the best! Professional, educated and compassionate in all their dealings. I have met them a number of times professionally and have the utmost respect for them and the work they do. I would never hesitate in recommending them to anyone looking for help with their debts.
Gerri N.
20:04 16 May 14
As a fellow Trustee, I can attest that Goth and Company is widely viewed as a leading firm in the personal insolvency market. I have known Barton Goth for several years and have collaborated with him on numerous matters. Barton has personally worked with me in helping individuals to complete their debt restructuring proceedings and successfully achieve a fresh start.
Blair M.
22:52 06 May 14
From time to time our firm needs to refer individuals to a Trustee in Bankruptcy in the Edmonton area and Goth & Company has been an excellent choice. A friendly voice answering the phone, combined with knowledgeable staff making themselves available to answer questions and schedule appointments leads to a great experience. We have always found their technical knowledge to be excellent and the feedback received from previous referrals is always positive. Thanks for your help Goth & Company.
Scott M.
16:46 05 May 14
I have been dealing with Barton Goth for over some time now and know him and his staff to be professional and experienced with insolvency issues. Their personal approach and commitment to providing one on one service is a credit to the Trustee community. Be it either a consumer proposal or a personal bankruptcy, I have no hesitation in recommending Baron and his team.
00:55 11 Apr 14

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Frequently Asked Questions

Below are commonly asked questions about bankruptcy in Edmonton and in Alberta.

Who is Eligible to File for Bankruptcy in Edmonton/Alberta?

In Edmonton and Alberta, to be eligible to file for bankruptcy, you must:

  • Owe at least $1,000; and
  • Not be able to make your regular payments as they become due; or
  • Not be able to pay all of your debts if all your non-exempt property was sold.

How Much Does it Cost to File for Bankruptcy in Edmonton/Alberta?

There is a cost to file a bankruptcy that is regulated by the Office of the Superintendent of Bankruptcy. The cost is dependent on the following factors: Income, Family Size, and Assets you own.

For more information on the cost, you are best to contact Goth & Company Inc. directly and we can explain how the cost is determined in much greater detail.

Does the Filing of Bankruptcy Clear Me From All of My Debts?

While filing for bankruptcy will clear you from most of your debts, are a few exceptions. These exceptions include:

  • Secured creditors (eg. mortgage or car loan)
  • Court fines and penalties (including traffic violations)
  • Debts obtained by fraud or misrepresentation
  • Civil lawsuits involving intentional bodily harm, sexual assault or wrongful death
  • Student loans, if you have taken any classes in the 7 years prior to filing

Can My Creditors Continue to Harass me After I File for Bankruptcy?

No, upon the filing of a bankruptcy there is an automatic stay of proceedings. This is a legal procedure that revokes any of your unsecured creditors’ collection rights. If they call you, don’t panic. Just explain that a bankruptcy has been filed, and give them our name and phone number.